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The Science Behind Recommended Installation Heights for Hand Dryers

by Direct AIKE 10 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Introduction: With the diverse range of hand dryers available in the market today, including blade hand dryers, high-speed hand dryers, and hybrid hand dryers, determining the correct installation height can be a daunting task. 

Scientific Studies Support Optimal Installation Heights:

Several authoritative papers and news sources have shed light on the importance of correctly positioning hand dryers to enhance user experience and hygiene. A study published in the Journal of Applied Ergonomics found that the optimal installation height of hand dryers significantly impacts user comfort and ergonomics, leading to improved hand drying effectiveness.

In this blog post, we aim to provide you with scientifically backed recommendations for installing hand dryers, regardless of the type or specific washroom environment. Whether you're installing hand dryers in men's, women's, disabled, or children's washrooms, we've got you covered.

Installation of Hands Under Wall Mounted Hand Dryers:

For "hands under" hand dryers, including high-speed and conventional models, the following recommended heights have been established based on scientific research and user preferences:

  • Men's Washrooms: 1170 mm from the air outlet to the floor.
  • Women's Washrooms: 1120 mm from the air outlet to the floor.
  • Children's Washrooms (Ages 4-17): Varying heights ranging from 810 mm to 1120 mm, depending on age.
  • Disabled Washrooms: 940 mm from the air outlet to the floor.

These recommendations take into account the average heights of different user groups, ensuring optimal hand drying experience for all individuals.

Installation of Blade Hand Dryers:

If you opt for sleek and efficient blade hand dryers, such as the AIKE AK2005H and AK2065 models, the following heights are recommended:

  • Men: Align the top of the hand dryer above the floor at 1050 mm.
  • Women: Align the top of the hand dryer above the floor at 975 mm.
  • Children/Disabled: Align the top of the hand dryer above the floor at 875 mm.

While these recommendations are based on average UK measurements, it is important to consider the average height of the local population when installing hand dryers in different countries.

Ensure Adequate Clearance Space: It's crucial to note that blade hand dryers may require additional clearance space to access the drip tray or other serviceable parts. Always consult the manufacturer's instructions for specific guidelines regarding clearance requirements and installation procedures. This ensures proper maintenance and functionality of the hand dryers over time.

Installation for ADA-Compliant Wall-Mounted Hand DryersÔľö

When it comes to creating inclusive and accessible spaces, adhering to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines is crucial. This extends to the installation of hand dryers in public facilities. In this blog post, we will discuss the recommended installation requirements for ADA-compliant wall-mounted hand dryers, ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

According to American ADA guidelines, the following installation height recommendations should be followed for wall-mounted hand dryers:

  1. Mount the hand dryer no higher than 48 inches (122 cm) above the finished floor.
  2. The bottom of the hand dryer should be positioned no lower than 15 inches (38 cm) above the finished floor.

Clearance Space: To accommodate wheelchair users, it is essential to ensure sufficient clearance space around the hand dryer installation. The ADA guidelines recommend the following:

  1. Provide a clear floor space of at least 30 inches (76 cm) by 48 inches (122 cm) in front of the hand dryer.
  2. This clear floor space should be free from any obstructions, such as protruding objects or nearby fixtures.

Other considerations: In addition to installation height and clearance space, there are a few more aspects to keep in mind for ADA compliance:

  1. Controls: Ensure that the hand dryer controls are accessible and operable with one hand, without tight grasping, pinching, or twisting.
  2. Visibility: Consider using contrasting colors or signage to make the hand dryer easily identifiable for individuals with visual impairments.
  3. Instructions: Display clear and concise instructions in large, easy-to-read fonts to assist all users.


    Scientific studies and authoritative sources emphasize the significance of installing hand dryers at the recommended heights. By following these guidelines, backed by research and user preferences, you can optimize user comfort, hand drying efficiency, and overall hygiene in your washroom facilities. Don't forget to adapt the recommendations based on the average height of your local population if you are installing hand dryers outside the UK. Create a welcoming and user-friendly washroom environment with hand dryers positioned at the scientifically recommended heights.

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